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How to use Hulkenbag

The Hulken Bag: The fashionable bag on wheel

The Hulkenbag is a handy, multifunctional bag on wheels which you can transport almost anything,
the bag can easily fold and store. It's also the first shopping bag you'll want to be seen with!

The shopping bag on wheel

The Hulken Bag is the perfect, mobile bag for taking groceries to your car or straight to your house or apartment.
The bag is reusable and prevents us the purchase of plastic bags.

Weekend bag on wheels

The Hulken Bag is ideal as a large travel bag for road, train and air travel.
The small size makes a handy handbag on wheels.

Sport bag on wheels

The Hulken Bag is also very suitable for transporting sportswear.
The large format, for example, is great for football clothing for the entire team.

Sizes and colors

The Hulken Bag is available in 3 sizes:

Small: about the size of a full shopping bag
Medium: 2 till 3 shopping bags
Large: 5 till 6 shopping bags

These are the Hulkenbag colors

Black (S/M/L)

Silver (S/M/L)

Rosegold (S/M/L)

MidnightBlue (M/L)

CosmicRed (M/L)

About the Cover

The Hulkenbag is supplied with or without a built-in cover. This allows you to zip the top against the rain and snow. You also prevent items from being easily taken out of your bag.

When you are not using the cover, it is folded away against the side so that it does not get in the way.

Characteristics of the Hulken Bags
Designed in Switserland, made in the EU
Material: The bag is made of Polypropylene, The bottom board is extruded from recycled material
Wheels: The wheels are made of stainless steel
Handles: 2 (small) of 3 (medium, large)